Easily add referrals to your Paddle-powered SaaS.

Get better quality signups via word-of-mouth referrals.

Add referrals to your app in 5 minutes with a low-code integration.

(Affiliate features are planned for 2022).

Refermo app

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Create your referral programme today with a totally free 30-day trial.
Plans start at just $9/month + 8% fees.

Get going, fast.

Quickly connect your Paddle-powered SaaS to Refermo with pre-written code snippets.

You can instantly utilise word-of-mouth referrals to get more and higher-quality sign ups to your app, via your existing users.

Don't build. Copy-paste.

Refermo saves you the time of building out your own a referral programme.

You can connect to Refermo and start recording your first referrals today.

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Reward your users.

Your users are your product's biggest fans. Now you can easily reward them for sharing your product with friends or online.

Every time they refer a new customer, Refermo automatically adds credit to their Paddle-powered subscription.

Commission-based rewards and affiliate features are on the roadmap.

Stay privacy-friendly.

Like most referral software, Refermo uses cookies to track referrals and conversions in a visitor's browser.

But unlike most referral software, Refermo allows you to stay compliant. Referred visitors in relevant countries are asked for consent before a cookie is set. With no extra work for you.

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Fully-automated, deeply integrated.

Refermo is a referral platform built specifically for Paddle.

An API-based integration with your Paddle account watches your subscription payments and automatically creates referral rewards, adding credit to existing subscriptions right in Paddle.

There's an API for that.

Refermo's own API gives you full control of your referral programme.

You can easily get referrer data to display inside your app, or manage campaigns and referrals.

Embeddable referrer portals are on the roadmap.

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Indie-friendly pricing

We all start from $0 MRR.
Refermo offers one of the lowest-cost starter plans available.
Add a referral programme from just $9/month + fees.

Move to a fixed fee plan as you grow.


For products just getting started with referrals.

$9/mo + 8% fees

On the roadmap


An afforable plan for smaller referral programmes.

$39/mo + 2% fees

On the roadmap


A flat fee for products with growing referral revenue.


On the roadmap

Add a referral programme to your app today

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Start your referral programme today with a totally free 30-day trial.